Faith Collection 2019

Adele Dejak

Happy New Year! We are so excited about the new decade, but before we get too far into 2020 let’s fill you in on our most recent jewellery collection launched in 2019.

Second to the Love Collection, the Faith Collection that was launched late last year is a visual representation and creative interpretation of hope, trust, and things we hope for as a brand.

The inspiration of the Faith collection was a literal and figurative interpreted of things hoped for and the evidence of things we can’t see translated into unique jewellery designs. This collection gets its inspiration from Africa’s qualities of hope, strength, courage, beauty, prosperity and pride.

Faith goes beyond the boundaries of logic and gives hope outside our current state of reality.  Despite the numerous challenges Africa has faced over the years, the continent is shining brighter and there’s hope for the future.

What the Faith Collection Consists of


You’ll love the multi-functional pieces that we’ve added to the Faith Collection. In this collection, we pushed the boundaries to explore what jewellery means for most people. We explored both traditional and modern, delicate and bold. We also dabbled in body jewellery with our Faith statement piece.


The best thing with this collection is that we’ve incorporated some new materials like Mango wood (like the Fari Bracelet) and oxidised brass (like the Fantia Patina Ring), aside from our staples brass, cow horn, Maasai glass beads and aluminium.


The Faith Collection campaign is all about love and beautiful vibes. You’ll want to get something for you and your loved one.

Have you checked out our Faith Collection yet? Shop here!

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